Advanced Rescue and Safety provides certified On-Site Safety Professionals for Fire Watch, Tank Entry Supervisors, Attendants and Safety Consultants for large industrial, petroleum and maintenance jobs around the globe.

On-Site Safety Professionals

Advanced Rescue & Safety will provide you and your personnel with piece of mind so you can focus on the job at hand.

We take pride in knowing our safety professionals will exceed your expectations because we have a stringent vetting process.

Standby safety services are available 24/7.

Fire Watch




Fire watch is required anytime hot work is being performed. Therefore assign one of our specialists to observe ongoing hot work to identify and react to hazards.

Confined Space Attendant

Attendants will know every hazard faced during entry. They will maintain accountability of all entrants, assess all activities and conditions inside and out, maintain constant communication with entrants and notify appropriate personnel of any incident.


Outage Safety

An outage is a shutdown of a refinery process unit or a facility to perform maintenance, overhaul and repair.  This 24/7, time sensitive and costly undertaking has many components of high risk safety considerations.  Therefore managing safety, preventing delays and additional costs are a priority in a successful outage.  Our experienced site safety personnel will provide you with insight and services that will lead to a safe and successful project.

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