Internal Auditing

Written documentation alone will not satisfy your on-site safety needs.  Ongoing safety inspections will give your supervisors and employees the ability to recognize hazards and ultimately save your company money by preventing work related loss.  Using a third party will give a neutral and thorough audit, eliminating employee oversight and personal bias.  Being proactive versus reactive will not only decrease liability, but help to stop financial loss and allow for changes to be made prior to an accident.

Fit Testing

A respirator cannot protect you if it does not fit your face. Certain respirators, known as tight-fitting respirators, must form a tight seal with your face or neck to work properly. If your respirator does not fit your face properly, contaminated air can leak into your respirator face piece, and you could breathe in a hazardous substances.  Before you wear a tight-fitting respirator at work, Advanced Rescue & Safety can make sure that your respirator fits by performing a fit test while you wear the same make, model, and size of respirator that you will be using on the job.

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