Above all keeping your employees safe is the top priority at Advanced Rescue & Safety.  We will work with you to meet your safety equipment rental needs and provide cost effective and up to date equipment for your next project.

Safety Equipment Rentals

Air Monitors

We feature a variety of MSA and Rae metering products. From MSA Altair 4x personal meters to gas specific meters such as VOC’s, Benzene and Ammonia monitors. We will provide you with any meter you need for your site specifications.

Rescue Equipment Rental

Purchasing your own equipment can be a costly undertaking through maintenance,replacement,and damaged equipment.  Renting is a cost effective solution for equipment you may not use on a daily basis and can eliminate costly repairs for specialized equipment.  As technology changes, so should your equipment and rental equipment is the solution to prevent out dated equipment, from being utilized in the field. Therefore let Advanced Rescue & Safety give you piece of mind knowing you have the right equipment for the job.



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